RAW by Rene’e Nicole is here to fulfill the demand for high quality hair products and superior customer service. RAW by Rene’e Nicole’s premium hair extensions are for customers that require excellence. Our finest hair comes in natural colors and can be colored in any hue by a PROFESSIONAL STYLIST. We select only the best hair for our weaves and extensions that result in great looking hair. RAW by Rene’e Nicole is the TRUTH.

RAW by Rene’e Nicole sources its hair through a network of suppliers that are dedicated to finding and providing quality hair from around the world. We are very selective about our hair products and will reject hair that does not meet our HIGHEST standards. We take pride in our products and only want to provide the finest products. With proper care, our hair will maintain its natural look and texture. 

We offer a variety of styles, lengths, textures and colors to match your desired look and preferences. Included in our selection: the signature RAW and uncut bundles, the Brazilian Ocean Wave, Straight, Curly, Body Wave, Deep Wave and the BLONDIE 613 Collection. 

At RAW by Rene’e Nicole, we are focused on delivering a superior customer service experience. Our easy on-line ordering ensures that your purchase is secure and accurate. We have dedicated quality control experts available to process your order and knowledgeable customer service agents to address any questions. You no longer have to worry about the unpleasant experience of ordering worthless hair.

RAW by Rene’e Nicole is your one-stop shop for AFFORDABLE LUXURY HAIR.